Studied Biomedical Engineering as an Undergraduate Student at Florida International University. Researcher in chemistry under Dr. JoongHo Moon in his conjugated polymer laboratory. The knowledge I gained brought me closer to understanding nanoparticles and nanothermitic materials. The deeper I went down the rabit hole, the more I realized school is a centralized and censored business, and the world's knowledge is at our fingertips for free. Instead of going into debt by enrolling in medical school as most of my family has done, I decided to leave it all for something greater than a piece of paper and a life time of slavery. I got fed up with the fake education system and decided to start businesses involved in blockchain, cryptography, and artificial inteligence.

I started investing in Bitcoin in 2016, and ethereum in 2017. By mid 2017 I founded Avocado Mining, a data mining company focused on utilizing renewable energy resources, and Avocado Classic a non profit company focused on bringing renewable energy resources to improvished areas around the world. Cryptocurrency brought me to get involved in cryptography and ethical hacking. I developed an expertise for network security and penetration testing. I also was taken down the path of smart contract programing and web3 development. Now I see a market saturated with physicians in debt, and I stand without a degree with knowledge that no university in the world can teach.


Company Name Domain Name Logo
Avocado Mining Inc. (Relaunch Coming Soon)
Avocado Classic Inc. (Alpha Release)
Mist Mining Inc. mistmining.eth (not live)
World Crypto News Network LLC (not live) (not live) (not live) (not live) live)
Bitcoin Tangle Inc. (not live)
debitBlock Inc. (not live)